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Today’s educational event at Serenity Farm

Today was a busy day on the farm. Getting some necessary work done while at the same time providing some educational opportunities for youth.

today on the farm was one of the spring time chores of anyone that has crossbreed calves. It was the day to dehorner and the day to turn the bull calves into steers ( trying to be delicate with wording)

we do the burning of the horns. This is done with anesthetic injections so the cows are not in any pain. Essentially the horn is made of material similar to hair just hardened with a bone core. dehorning is done to prevent later damage themselves, other cows, and to protect the rancher. We do this in as humanely of a way as possible.

the other events I will to discuss just in case I have some sensitive followers that cannot handle that discussion. Completely understandable and I want to be respectful to all. as you can see by the pictures we had a group of youths here and they were very curious and intrigued by all the happenings. Our vet, hoofbeats veterinary done an excellent job presenting to the youth and explaining

everything on a level that they understand. there are many exciting things planned for this year I look forward to being able to share so much more with you!

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