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Show and Beef Calves Available in January

Serenity Farm will have calves for sale beginning of January.

These are not auctioned calves

These calves come from our organic farm

Carl is a master breeder

They have been on proprietary milk replacer formulated by the vet for this farm

They are on a proprietary grain mixture formulated by the vet for this farm

They have been castrated not banded for better overall body composition

They have had all their shots

You will receive all this documentation with dates.

Before I hear any grumblings on price, I have done and paid for most of the hard work on these calves. You just need to throw them hay and feed and fatten them to your liking.

The costs of last year and the year prior for feed and immunizations are drastically different.

The old adage you get what you pay for…. If you want a quality, well-maintained show or beef calf, talk to me.

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