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Beef Production Stats

Good day to all, as many of us have predicted the tightening of cattle slaughter and beef production has begun.

For some time this year, there has been a bit of relaxation in the beef market pricing due to the influx of viable heifers which would normally be kept for breeding stock being sent to the feedlots for feed out and eventual slaughter. This was brought on by a few contributing factors, the rising costs of feed and grain and the drought that many states experienced.

Well, the herd liquidation is coming to a halt. The surplus beef is running dry. We are starting to see a consistent week-by-week decrease in beef production. So far it is seeing that there is a combined decrease of 2.1%

Looking into the new year predictions are that there will continue to be a decrease in beef slaughter. I am looking further into 23 and 24. Due to the herd liquidation that so many ranches had to do, there will be a decrease in viable heifers, The beef supply will be limited until those of us that have been able to maintain our herds can build the population of viable heifers. My suggestion is stock your freezer with locally grown beef it will save you money in the long run.

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